The Veterans Legal Center offers representation for individuals seeking a Security Clearance, and who have been denied a Security Clearance. Our services include the following:

The Security Clearance arena is very complicated. Individuals involved in the Security Clearance process want access to answers from an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in the area of national security for purposes of advice only. The Veterans Legal Center is set up to give you the advice you need. Clients gain access to the attorney’s vast experience and knowledge. The fees for this service are affordable and do not require a large retainer.

The Veterans Legal Center offers advice and document preparation in completing your Security Clearance application. Questions that are asked of the applicant are often difficult and are best answered with the expertise of the Veterans Legal Center staff. The fees for this service are affordable and do not require a large retainer.

Applicants seeking a Security Clearance receive written questions or requests for further information from the government. A proper response on the applicants part requires preparation of a response to be sent to the government. Often, applicants misunderstand the intent of the government’s inquiry and do not respond properly. The applicants written responses can be used against them by the government at a later point in time.  Poorly-drafted answers or non-responsive answers can create red flags with your application.

Full representation gives you the peace of mind knowing our law firm will take your case from the application process through document preparation, witness interviews and preparation, and formal hearing representation. The attorneys at the Veterans Legal Center know that the future of your career is on the line and we have the experience and knowledge to best represent you.

The Veterans Legal Center understands it is common to have an unsuccessful result at the formal administrative hearing, especially if you have gone through the process alone. We are here to represent individuals who need to file an appeal due to an unsuccessful result at the formal administrative hearing. If you need to appeal an unsuccessful result, contact us today.


Yes, our initial consultation is $75, and provides one on one time with an experienced Security Clearance attorney.

The Veterans Legal Center offers reasonable and affordable pricing.

The Security Clearance process is complicated and confusing. It makes sense to seek legal counsel to improve your chances of success in obtaining a Security Clearance.

Yes, the attorneys at the Veterans Legal Center handle security clearance cases at every phase of the government Security Clearance process, to include the following:

  • Pre-Security Clearance application counseling
  • Preparation of the Security Clearance application (Standard Form 86)
  • Security Clearance investigation questions
  • Responses to Statement of Reason (SOR)
  • Responses to Letter of Intent to Deny/Revoke
  • Hearing preparation
  • Representation before Security Clearance hearing
  • Request to re-open hearings
  • Filing appeals of adverse decisions

Our attorneys assist federal government employees, military personnel, and government contractors in all stages of the Security Clearance process by providing legal advice or representation.

If a Security Clearance is denied, our experienced attorneys can represent the federal employee through the appeal process before the DOHA or the employing agency. It is important that an employee takes the appeal process very seriously as the inability to obtain, maintain or upgrade a Security Clearance at the appellate stages can mean the loss of his or
her position.

Contact the Veterans Legal Center to set up an initial consultation with one of our attorneys.


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